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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dealpage product is best for me?

The difference between the Dealpage and Dealpage Plus+ products come down to two things: style and data room. With Dealpage Plus+, you can choose a font theme, select background color, add your logo and take advantage of enhanced page sections with more visuals. The original Dealpage product is more simple and straightforward, it is less expensive and generally can be done slightly faster than Dealpage Plus+.

Why are good marketing materials important?

Potential investors are likely to spend less than 3 minutes analyzing a new deal. Our goal is to help you capture potential investors' or stakeholders' attention with clean, engaging, and well-designed marketing materials.

Is Dealpage a pitch deck or a website?

Dealpage is bringing a new kind of pitch deck to the market. With our proprietary technology, we have created a deck that can be shared and tracked all from one link.

Why should I use this vs. PowerPoint?

If you've used PowerPoint much, you should know the answer to this question. PowerPoint is a painful process and the end result is static and dull. If you want to be done fast and have something that will impress investors & get your deal done, Dealpage is far better than PowerPoint.

How does this work?

Dealpage is a tool that allows you to create exceptional virtual pitch decks delivered as a shareable link to showcase your deal. Just choose your product option (Dealpage or Dealpage Plus+) and fill out the form with guided prompts following an outline proven to work with over $200M in capital raised.

I'm only raising a small amount of capital, do I still qualify?

Dealpage works best for groups raising for projects of all sizes. You need clean, sophisticated materials in your investors hands as soon as possible. Dealpage helps get that done.