Hey, I'm Buck

I left BlackRock in 2021 to develop boutique hotels. Back then, I got the business going by offering financial modeling & pitch deck services to real estate developers & private equity firms.

I got my big break when I pitched my first hotel concept to one of my early clients. They seeded my project with $250k and soon after I moved to Arizona to start the development.

Fast forward to today:

  • I have 4 hotel projects underway around the country, funded entirely with capital from LP investors
  • My clients and I have over $200M in private capital raised for real estate, private equity and venture capital
  • I've developed a proven technology, process & framework to create pitch decks that blow investors away

The technology is Dealpage, a virtual pitch deck solution I came up with to use on my own deals. After getting incredible feedback, I started creating custom Dealpage decks for clients.

But custom decks take a lot of time and are expensive.

I want to make this available to developers at an approachable price, so we've created a way for you to generate your own virtual pitch decks from a simple, easy-to-use form.

And to help with the process, I've compiled everything I know into a fully guided, step-by-step tool to empower you to quickly & easily create an incredible virtual pitch deck yourself.

If you want to follow a proven playbook to shortcut your process, you're in the right place. Scroll down to check out the different packages Dealpage offers.

Jack "Buck" Buczkowski

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Do-it-Yourself vs. Done-for-You

Dealpage Creator Tool

A simple, easy to use tool with helpful prompts and step-by-step guidance in creating your virtual offering memo.

Follow prompts & finish quickly
Complete process in 1-2 hrs (or less)
Proven framework ($200M+ raised)

White-Glove Deal Advisory

Humn Capital, Dealpage's parent company, will provide strategy, research, copywriting, and design for your deal.

Strategy, research & copy service
Delivered in as little as 72 hours
Custom page & assets for your deal

Let's find out how we can help you fundraise

Explore our pricing options & choose what's right for you.

Get Started
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Humn Capital vs. Dealpage?

Humn Capital is a real estate development and consulting business. Dealpage was created by Humn Capital originally to raise money solely for its own projects. Feedback was so great, they rolled Dealpage out as its own business. Humn Capital handles consulting projects that fall outside of the scope of Dealpage's offerings and software.

What is a typical project timeline?

Dealpages made with our Creator Tool take 1-2 hours while custom Dealpages from Humn Capital can take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks to create, depending on your needs. Deals that come with all necessary assets well-organized (brand guideline, renderings, images) go quicker than those that don't.

Why are good marketing materials important?

Potential investors are likely to spend less than 3 minutes analyzing a new deal. Our goal is to help you capture potential investors' or stakeholders' attention with clean, engaging, and well-designed marketing materials.

Is a Dealpage a pitch deck or a website?

Dealpage is bringing a new kind of pitch deck to the market. With our proprietary technology, we have created a deck that can be shared and tracked all from one link. For full pitch decks, you will see vertical and horizontal scrolling in use, allowing for a greater divide between sections and a seamless viewing experience.

Why should I outsource my pitch deck creation?

Creating even simple pitch decks can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially when you need to focus on continuing your deal development and forming necessary relationships. Outsourcing pitch deck creation allows another set of eyes to learn about your business and convey, from an unbiased third-party perspective, the key values of your business or project.

How does this work?

Dealpage creates exceptional virtual pitch decks delivered as a shareable link to showcase your company. We also offer outsourced investor relations services to manage reporting and fundraising for high-growth investment groups.

I'm only raising a small amount of capital, do I still qualify?

Dealpage works best for groups raising for projects of all sizes. Smaller, more straight-forward deals may be best suited for the Dealpage Creator options (Offering or Teaser Page), while groups raising for larger, more unique and ambitious deals can take full advantage of the Custom Dealpage option from Humn Capital.